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Cut the Cord!

In the last 3 months 1 million households in the U.S. have ditched their cable company and have changed over to

Streaming Media Boxes.


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Why Morr Technologies’ Streaming Boxes

Best Streaming Box in the market hat simply plugs into your television and can easily access all of your favorite tv shows, movies, international tv programs, LIVE sporting events, the web, games and so much more with a click of your mouse! Order yours today!


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There are other devices on the market that offer streaming on your TV, such as Apple tv, Google tv , Roku and even Chromecast, but with those devices, you still have to pay every month for the content by subscribing to Netflix, Crackle and Hulu just to name a few. With your Streaming box, ALL of the content and programming is Free! Streambox is the most incredible device on the market! So, be smart with your money, order a Streaming box today!

Movie Rental

Travel with YOU!!!

Take streambox on vacation, away for business, or just to a friend’s house across town.

Why Our Streaming TV Box ?

MT Streaming box is the best Smart TV Box on the market.
Here are some of the many features and benefits our customers love.



Free Updates: Kodi Platform, Add-ons and Add-on Set Lasts for years. Most other Android Boxes “Die a Slow Death”
Categorized Menu Dedicated to each Theme: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, News, Kids, Special Interest Easy to Use. No Hunting through Unknown Add-ons with Broken Links.
Superior Design for Video Performance Optimal Video Performance. Minimal Buffering / Stalling
Only needs 3.5 Mbps vs. 15-20 Mbps for the Competition Better Reliability and Performance.
Live Customer Service: 8AM to 10PM, 7 Days a Week. Questions, How-to’s and best Sports Links and PPV.
Website Support Section: 20 How-to Videos Get the most out of your Streaming Wizard Box.
Ships Fully Loaded Ready to use right out of the box.

Start streaming like a boss.


Movies on Demand

Instant access to thousands of classic and current movies without spending a dime on theatre concessions.

TV Shows

Stream your favorite TV shows live, or binge watch full seasons without waiting months (or years) for Hulu or Netflix.

Games & More

Streaming Wizard harnesses the power of Android, so you can run your favorite apps and games on your HD TV.


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